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Fostering Sustainability Champions: Honoring Excellence at the Annual ESG World Summit & GRIT Awards.

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The Transformation Journey of a Butterfly and Sustainable Leadership- GRIT Awards

The Transformation Journey of a Butterfly and Sustainable Leadership- GRIT Awards

The Transformation Journey of a Butterfly and Sustainable Leadership- GRIT Awards  

Our ESG World Summit & GRIT Awards event is approaching in June on 15-16th in Bangkok. These two days will mark the dawn of transformational sustainable leadership, will be full of hope, ignition, and recognition. These two days we will see new resolutions and celebration, full of insights and collaborations.

In this era of uncertainty, where poverty, ailing healthcare, and the silent death of species are rampant, the footprint of human activity continues to expand. However, mother earth can only provide enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed.

As history has shown, humans have always risen above challenges. But the challenges we face today are daunting and time is running out. What we need is a transformation – a steady transformation similar to that of a butterfly.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but their journey from egg to larvae to chrysalis (also known as a cocoon) is remarkable. From a soupy organic compound to a beautiful, colourful creature, the transformation is truly amazing. When the caterpillar enters the cocoon, it starts eating its own cells. There are designated cells inside the cocoon that release enzymes to break down proteins, making everything mouldable. Growth cells are the only cells that stay until the end and become the legs and wings of the butterfly. One wrong move by the caterpillar can break apart everything and lead to the death of the pupa.

Similarly, the corporate world cannot afford to make any wrong moves. Companies are like caterpillars – they may need to eat up their profitability in the short term, but they cannot consume more resources than what is available on our earth. The designated growth teams within corporates must work as catalysts to make things flexible within organisations. In the long run, at the end of the cocoon’s life, the other side of life is beautiful – shiny and bright. A whole new world is waiting for us – one that is much cleaner and greener.

We must shred our old leaves and embrace a new future. Let us embark on our journey of sustainable leadership. Our butterfly will remind us of its inspirational story throughout the event to motivate us to lead our transformational journeys. Sustainable leadership requires us to remodel and rethink businesses. It requires transformation in the way we build partnerships, engage with stakeholders, and work towards achieving a common vision and purpose. It calls for new ways to create and innovate, to see what others don’t see, and to take actions that others don’t take. Let us resolve to take action right here, right now.

To summarise, the journey of a butterfly can teach us a lot about sustainable leadership. Transformation takes time, effort, and courage. We must be like growth cells, making everything smoother, flexible, and synergistic. Let us work towards a cleaner and greener future and embark on our journey of sustainable leadership today.