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Fostering Sustainability Champions: Honoring Excellence at the Annual ESG World Summit & GRIT Awards.

Uniting Global Experts to Drive Awareness and Motivation for a Sustainable Future.


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Who we are.

Welcome to Corpstage!
Helping to create Sustainable values

Welcome to Corpstage, your premier sustainability consulting company located in Singapore. At Corpstage, we specialize in delivering top-notch certifications for ESG assessments, conducting comprehensive carbon footprint analyses, and providing capacity-building courses and workshops. Our expertise extends beyond traditional consulting as we have proudly developed a cutting-edge SAAS-based platform, creating an all-encompassing ecosystem for sustainability. This platform seamlessly assists companies in managing their ESG goals, ensuring compliances, generating accurate reports, and facilitating sustainable communications. Embrace the future of sustainability with Corpstage and unlock the full potential of your business in building a greener, more responsible world.



Unlocking Your ESG Potential: With our unparalleled consulting services, we guide companies to navigate their ESG journey with expertise, enabling seamless reporting. From comprehensive assessments and bespoke training to strategic implementations and reliable rating services, we pave the way for your sustainable success.


Global Solutions for Sustainable Growth: Our extensive network of experts spans across different countries, empowering businesses worldwide. Through our cutting-edge SAAS-based platform, aligned with esteemed sustainability frameworks like CDP, TCFD, and ISSB, we offer unparalleled ESG management and reporting solutions on a global scale.


Driving Positive Change: Embrace an Ecosystem of Impact with Corpstage. Our platform fosters a profound influence on society and communities, connecting service providers and experts from all corners of the world. The Global Sustainability Leadership Community (GSLC) unites sustainability officers globally, providing a collaborative space to address and resolve pressing sustainable issues together. Join us in creating a lasting impact for a better tomorrow.

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Who we are.

We are ESG Specialists Who Will Help You
to Unleash your Business Potential

We follow 6Es for ESG Framework for improving ESG practices in a company.


Corpstage’s ESG consulting enables corporates to raise sustainable finance and unlock their internal financing through operational efficiencies, risk management and media coverage. Businesses report on their sustainability targets while reducing costs, generating revenues and ROI using recognised sustainability frameworks.


Corpstage offers comprehensive sustainability reporting services to help organizations showcase their sustainable practices
and progress to their stakeholders. We utilize recognized reporting frameworks such as GRI, TCFD, ISSB and CDP to
ensure transparency and credibility in disclosures.


Corpstage offers a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s ESG practices and procedures. We identify gaps, risks,
and opportunities in ESG practices and provide recommendations for improvement.


Corpstage’s tailored capacity building training programs and workshops aim to empower our clients to enhance their knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness in various fields. Our experienced trainers collaborate closely with clients to identify
specific needs and develop tailored capacity building strategies.


Corpstage’s carbon and ESG assessment assist organisations in evaluating and understanding their ESG practices and assess the carbon footprint of operations, identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas


Our Sustainable branding and communications services helps organisations develop authentic brand identify that aligns with
sustainability values and effectively communicate their sustainability commitment and social responsibility.

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Completed Assessments
Empowering Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investments: Over 1000 ESG Assessments Achieved We provide ESG assessments, Carbon measurement, Product carbon footprint analysis and SDG impact measurement.

Empowering Sustainable Growth

We Provide the Best Training Programs and Workshops For Your Leadership Development and Capacity Building

Customized Executive Workshops
Certificate Programs
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Our ESG Framework

Our ESG Framework 

6 Es for ESG


esgEdge: Educate and Energise

Get inspired by industry leaders and their sustainability journey through our webinars. Expand your knowledge and make your organization future- proof, rethink and redesign your current business model to become more sustainable and scalable.

esgEnsure : Assess and Evaluate

Use our assessment tools to understand your sustainability status quo and benchmark it with standard sustainability best practices. You will receive a Sustainability 360 degrees report on your organization's sustainability performance accompanied by suggestions to ensure you achieve long-term success.

esgEnable: Strategise and Execute

Our team enables businesses to rethink their strategies and implement sustainable KPIs. Our consulting goes beyond power point presentations.

esgEngage: Engage and Encourage

Engaging with stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation. Corpstage allows effective engagement through its tools and Onstage platform which helps translate stakeholder needs into organisational goals and creates the basis of successful strategy development.

esgExtend: Collaborate and Connect

It is important to look at things holistically. Investors, industry, government and academic organizations can engage to create and deliver optimal solutions based on local needs. We at Corpstage encourage collaborations through our SCOPE, Pod initiatives and platform features.

esgElevate : Outcomes and Outputs

We at Corpstage measure returns of sustainable initiatives taken by managers. By measuring outcomes we enable organizations to unlock internal finance and raise new finances for sustainability investments that create value for investors, employees, customers, and the world at large.

Seamless Automated Tools and Platform to lead your ESG Journeys

Corpstage ESG Platform

A 360 Degree ESG Ecosystem Platform

Empowering Corporates to Effectively Manage and Track Sustainability Our platform empowers medium and small companies to seamlessly define and implement structured sustainability initiatives while fostering effective stakeholder engagement. Take charge of your sustainability journey with confidence and drive positive change.

Our platform empowers portfolio managers to construct investment portfolios driven by tangible and measurable impacts accomplished. Join us in making informed investment decisions that create a positive difference in the world.

Be a part of something bigger! Our platform enables individuals to actively engage in sustainability initiatives led by companies worldwide. Join like-minded communities, collaborate on meaningful projects, and make a real difference towards a more sustainable future.

We provide an ESG Management
Platform for All

We Created a Huge Impact

Our prestigious annual ESG World Summit and GRIT Awards empowers and recognizes companies for their outstanding commitment to sustainability. This transformative event serves as a catalyst for motivation, providing a platform to showcase achievements and foster sustainable communication.

Fostering Sustainability Champions: Honoring Excellence at the Annual ESG World Summit & GRIT Awards. Uniting Global Experts to Drive Awareness and Motivation for a Sustainable Future.

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10000 +

August 2024

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Who we are.

Who We Serve &
How We Impact
Work With Corpstage’s Awesome Team

Our platform empowers large corporates to navigate their ESG initiatives effortlessly and align their reporting with esteemed global frameworks like CDP, TCFD, and ISSB.Maximize your sustainability impact with Corpstage.

At Corpstage, we understand the importance of sustainability for MSMEs.Our automated, user-friendly assessment tools offer affordable and practical pathways for MSMEs to embark on and progress along their ESG journey.

Corpstage recognizes and shares the inspiring stories of sustainable startups. By leveraging our platform, startups can effectively implement and advance their sustainable strategies, fostering customer trust, investor confidence, and fueling business growth.

Be a part of something meaningful! Individuals can actively participate in challenges, competitions, and collaborative initiatives, contributing towards various sustainability projects. Discover a vast listing of sustainable products, services, jobs, events, and courses,empowering you to make a positive impact.


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